Air Ambulance

Delton Aviation performs time-critical medical evacuation of patients from almost any point on the globe.

Our company provides a full range service of air ambulance transportation in accordance with international standards of medical. Our professionals are experts in all aspects of the medical evacuation process. In addition, we handle all the coordination with clinics and airport services. Simply, we have all necessary resources to offer the best option for air ambulance transportation.

For medical evacuations we have the ability to offer any size business jet from a Lear 35 to a Challenger 604. Each aircraft is equipped with all necessary medical equipment necessary for intensive treatment during the flight. The crew is consists of two pilots and medical team (two or three doctors). Each aircraft can also accommodate from one to four accompanying persons.

Finally, we can arrange patient transportation via the scheduled airlines. Sufficient adjacent seats are reserved for the patient and medical team. This area is then closed from the main cabin by curtains. The patient and all necessary medical equipment is kept within this area.

Although medical evacuation by this method will greatly reduce costs, it will not be practical in the following situations:

  • Evacuation from locations which there is no scheduled airline service;
  • The patient’s condition precludes using scheduled airline service;
  • Many scheduled airlines do not allow patients to be transported with other passengers;
  • Airline schedules may not coincide with patient’s needs.

We understand that no matter how you choose the patient’s transport, it can be a stressful undertaking. For this reason, we work with you to make it as safe and comfortable as possible. We will help you decide the most appropriate transport and will be there to get it done.